Forum Objectives
  • To contribute to the development of Arab contemporary thought, emphasize its contribution to the main issues related to the Arab world as well as to enhance commonalities within a framework of authenticity and modernity.
  • To explore new opportunities for cooperation on matters of mutual interest, to examine economic, social, cultural and political relations between Arab countries, and to initiate and continue dialogue with Arab and Islamic organizations.
  • In keeping with the methodology of international organizations, we wish to promote an Arab systematic approach in addressing obstacles facing development in the region.  This will allow for partnerships with the international community based on equal opportunities which, in turn, will enhance economic integration among countries in the region.
  • To connect Arab thinkers with decision-makers in the Arab states thus developing  partnerships in policy making and allowing for the participation of people and communities in implementing those policies.  
  • To conduct studies on issues related to the situation in Arab countries and its relevance to the international community.
  • In pursuit of its objectives, ATF undertakes the following activities:
  • With the participation of ATF members, experts and academics, initiate Arab/Arab dialogue to discuss issues of interest to the Arab world.
  • With the participation of international institutes and organizations in addition to ATF members, Arab thinkers and academics, initiate Arab-International dialogue.
  •  Conduct research and strategic studies on major issues related to the current situation in Arab countries as well as considering future developments.
  • Publications: in addition to publishing books and the proceedings of its conferences and seminars, ATF issues a bi-monthly journal (Al Muntada) in Arabic as well as a quarterly issue in English.
  • Networking with other think-tanks, forums, and universities.
  • The Arab Thought Forum depends for its funds on membership fees (individual and corporate), donations by members and friends, in addition to a very modest endowment income.
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