About Al Hassan Bin Talal

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, as the advocates of pluralism and human solidarity and respect for the «other», Believes in humanitarian societies which all people should live and work in freedom and dignity.


This goal has been a formulated a driving force behind his interest in humanitarian issues and dialogue between the followers of religions, with special emphasis on the human dimension of the conflict. His Highness has initiated to establish a number of institutions and organizations, initiatives and committees both Jordanian and international, and to contribute actively on its work and activities.


HRH works are:

  • Study on Jerusalem (1979) [Arabic and English].
  • Palestinian self-determination (1981) [Arabic and English].
  • the search for peace (1984) [Arabic and English].
  • Christianity in the Arab World (1994) [Arabic, English and French, Greek, Spanish, Russian, German, Swedish, continuity, creativity, and Change: Selected Articles (2001) [English].
  •  to be a Muslim (2001) (jointly) [in Italian, French, Spanish and English.
  •  on the anniversary of the departure of Faisal I: The Iraqi issue (2003) [Arabic].
  • Q and A: Contemporary Issues (2003) [Arabic].
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